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Health & Fitness Testimonials

Trudie is awesome, relatable, compassionate, empathetic...

I start working with Trudie from Synergy Fitnezz in September  2020.  I was overweight and wanted to start a nutrition and exercise program to get back healthy and in shape.

I had my initial consultation with Trudie and she and I talked about what it would take to get back healthy and at my goal weight.

Trudie setup a suggested nutrition plan, workout sessions, and weekly check-in discussion. I am proud to say I have lost over 35 pounds. Trudie is an awesome, relatable, compassionate, empathetic, nutritionist, strength trainer and Zumba fitness instructor and she is so super positive and your biggest cheerleader. I am so happy we are on this new healthy life plan together.

Kimberly Morris

I’m loving the strength classes...

I highly recommend Trudie’s classes. I started Simply Strength a few weeks ago and I love them!

If you haven’t tried Simply Strength you are missing out. I’ve taken Zumba Fitness from Trudie for 10 years and always feel better after class.

And now I’m loving the strength classes too! Strength training is absolutely necessary for healthy aging and Trudie makes it fun.

Sue Harris

Helped me not feel deprived on my weight loss journey...

I never like veggies before and Trudie showed me how to prepare them and make them flavorable. I also replaced candy with fruits and these small changes helped me to reach my weight loss goals. Trudie also showed me how I can still enjoy the foods I love in moderation which has also helped me not feel deprived on my weight loss journey. I’m almost at my goal weight.

Thia Brabson

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Your Fitness Goals Are Within REACH

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